We focus on the research and production of silicone rubber heater category products, can be customized.
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Dutch customers By friend introduced , i have started the cooperation with Ali brother. Before our an Australian major clients, have higher requirement of the products, and visited a lot of manufacturers but still not satisfied. Inadvertently talk about the matter with friends, they ask me have a try and they said they have a very pleasant with Ali Brother. So i try to contact with he ,finally it success .haha , After then we have long term cooperation with them .we are the most sincere partner.

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Russia customers We cooperation wih Shenzhen Ali Brother Technology Co.,Ltd fro last year,Thanks for their high quality product,and we built good realation ship during this year
Italian customer We are old friends with Ali Brother. I don't know what to say, but that I am very satisfied with Ali Brother.In our cooperation time, there is never big problems, even small problems, they can solve it in time.
Russian customers Resale silicone rubber heating pad many years.i have found and cooperation with many manufacturers,Shenzhen Ali Brother Technology Co.,Ltd is the best manufacturer i like,as they high quality products,good service and high technology.

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Shenzhen Ali Brother Technology Co., Ltd.

belongs to Ali Brothers Group , Ali Brothers Group was founded in Hong Kong in early 1998 , specializing in the development, production , | selling silicone rubber heaters, silicone rubber heating plate , silicone rubber band , silicone rubber electric film, etc. silicone rubber electric heating products, and silicone rubber sheet , tubes, seals, parts silicone rubber products ; business throughout the world in more than 20 countries. End of 1998, to set up branches in Shenzhen , the creation of " Ali Rubber Products Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City " ; 1999 affiliated factory in Shenzhen " Shenzhen Ali Brother Technology Co., Ltd.



Ali Brother, where is the advantage?Our products materials, environmental protection / low cost / broad scope of all products in the military, chemical, power, medicine, medical equipment, electrical, electronics, oil pipelines and othe...

Your products defect rate is what percentage?We produce products up to 0.001% defective rate, and we do that we will give to the guests of 0.02% supplements to ensure that you receive the goods are 100% qualified.

Transportation is provided on which solutionsFor foreign customers we have roots professional ups international express logistics company, to ensure that you receive our first time to be mailed to your goods.

When Ali brothers founded?Shenzhen Ali Brother Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, specializing in R & D, production, sales, silicone rubber heaters, silicone rubber heating plate , silicone rubber band , silicon...

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